Thursday, September 29, 2005


... New Orleans, why would you believe what they say about the GWOT and Tom Delay? Good question (asked by Dennis Prager yesterday).

The Old Media is fighting for its life and is losing the battle. The New Media is nipping at the heals of of the fleeing beast.

A caller to Hugh Hewitt said they are like T-Rex saying to Brontosaurus "what was that" after the asteroid hit. This morning Limbaugh said, "they're like a 44 year-old quarterback who still thinks he can loft the 'long-n-out'!"

Seriously, like I told my kids, "If you never lie to me, I will always take you at your word; but once I've discovered you've lied to me, I can never be certain of your word ever again."

The Old Media have lied and lied and lied to the people of this great nation; now they wonder why they are losing their lustre! See an example here.
HT: Checksum Crusader; Instapundit

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