Monday, October 24, 2005


... in there with the Harriet woman. Though I'm an unofficial RINO, I shouldn't have to remind you Bush has surprised his critics at almost every turn (low casualties in Afghanistan, Iraqi invasion, Iraq elections #1, Chief Justice Roberts, Iraqi Constitution, and Iraq elections #2 for example).

My friend Mark Coffey at Decision '08 just posted a couple of paragraphs from a transcript of a conference call he was part of with Brian Jones of the RNC this past week. Here's the money quote for me ...
When the Senate hearings begin, and they see Harriet on that stand, answering those questions, I think the Republican Party is going to say, “President Bush did another good job."
The entire transcript can be seen at Townhall.Com as part of Tim Chapman's Capitol Report. I'm sticking with Dubya and Miers on this one.

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