Monday, October 24, 2005


... their heads screwed on right, 3 in 10 have them cross threaded, and 12% couldn't find their heads if they were tethered to their right hand.

Gallup's latest poll showed Americans reject secular evolution ...
A majority of adults support the biblical account of creation according to a new CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll -- the latest in a series of polls reflecting Americans' tendency to reject secular evolution.

In the poll, 53 percent of adults say "God created human beings in their present form exactly the way the Bible describes it." Another 31 percent believe humans "evolved over millions of years from other forms of life and God guided" the process. Twelve percent say humans "have evolved over millions of years from other forms of life, but God has no part."

The poll of 1,005 adults, conducted Sept. 8-11 and posted on Gallup's website Oct. 13, is but the latest survey showing Americans tend to reject a strictly secular explanation for the existence of life.
  • Harris polled 1,000 adults in June and found 64% believe "human beings were created directly by God," 22% say humans "evolved from earlier species" and 1 in 10 believe we "are so complex that they required a powerful force or intelligent being to help create them."
  • NBC News polled 800 adults in March and found 44% believe in a biblical six-day creation, 13% in a "divine presence," and 33% in evolution.
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