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... own problems.

Anglicans, Methodists, Lutherens, and Prespyterians are a regular entree at The CRIB not because we're anti-mainline but because they're having struggles with apostasy and we feel moved to comment. But the SBC (Southern Baptist Convention) has been in a struggle for thirty years plus with what are called moderates. Most denominations would call our moderates conservatives ... I call them liberals, so do many others.

I enjoy getting a different perspective on aspects of our struggles; the following are from the American Baptist Press (ABP).
The rise to power of conservatives among North Carolina [Southern] Baptists, at times arduous and slow, clearly is picking up steam.

As recently as two years ago, control of the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina, once a moderate stronghold, was in doubt. But after losing a string of elections, most moderate Baptists have tired of defending the denominational battleground.

Meanwhile, emboldened conservatives have made several moves recently to flex their newfound muscle:
  • Impatient with a search process that could take 16 months to hire a new executive director, conservatives are moving to replace the convention's interim director with one clearly identified with the conservative movement.
  • A new proposal would further tighten membership restrictions to exclude churches that accept gays as members or support organizations that condone homosexual behavior, creating perhaps the most specific ban of gay-friendly churches in Southern Baptist life.
  • Another proposal in the works would stop the convention from counting money churches send to support the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship as "Cooperative Program" giving. That is expected to be approved. But a more drastic approach to do away with all four of the convention's alternative giving plans -- returning to a traditional SBC-only budget -- is also being proposed by conservatives.
  • In July, nominees to trustee positions in the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina were rejected because they are members of churches affiliated with the Alliance of Baptists, a national organization conservatives say has a "pro-homosexual stance."
  • Conservatives rejected several candidates for the board of the Biblical Recorder, the convention's newspaper, and replaced them with hard-liners. The nominating committee's chairman said the newspaper was singled out because it needs to become "more conservative."
North Carolina is one of several states having problems; more than one has opted for an alternative convention.

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