Monday, November 07, 2005


... for moraliity!

In an earlier post I lamented a popular clothing company's use of sex to sell clothes to young people. I've also lamented elsewhere how disappointed I am in American women who allow themselves and their gender to be exploited for money! Good news!

On the latter, some "girls" got together and started a "Girlcott" to send a message to the company ... it paid off. The company is removing a number of offensive items from their stores. Praise the Lord for good girls; now pass the ammunition!
One Offenxive TeeControversial clothing retailer Abercrombie & Fitch will stop selling some of its T-shirts after a national 'girlcott' by teenage girls, who objected to slogans on the shirts that broadcast messages like, "Who needs brains when you have these," "Blondes are adored, brunettes are ignored," "I make you look fat," "Give me something to scream about," and "Available for parties."

"We recognize that the shirts in question, while meant to be humorous, might be troubling to some," the retailer announced Friday.
That's an understatement! Do they want us to believe it wasn't discussed by the buyers before the orders were placed? Ho-ho-ho! Ha-ha-ha! That's rich!

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