Monday, November 07, 2005


... hiding under a prison!

According to news reports, an ancient church, dating back to the third or fourth century, has been discovered inside an Israeli maximum security prison.
Greek Text in Prison ChurchExcavations inside Megiddo prison in northern Israel unearthed the remains of a structure which included a mosaic with inscriptions in Greek and murals of fish as well as an altar ... .

Sharon Shouab, Megiddo prison commander, told Israel's Channel Two television that the site had been discovered amid planned work to build a new security wing.
Israel's Channel Two reported the discovery was made months ago but "was kept secret until now." The find has important implications for the Body of Christ ...
Megiddo is Hebrew for Armageddon and overlooking the watchtowers, barbed wire and walls which encircle the prison lies the hill of Armageddon, the site which Christian teachings say will herald the final battle before the coming of the messiah.
Not exactly an accurate biblical report but you get the idea. Who knows what's wrong in this last quote?

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Archaeologists Discover Ancient Church
Ancient Church Found at Armageddon
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