Monday, November 07, 2005


French Fry... deux-deux, and it's of their own making. Fellow Alliance bloggers are all over this French Fry!

Laer at Cheat Seeking Missiles has three posts up (here, here, and here), each with typical CSM excellence. In his latest post Laer laments MSM's failure to mention the rioters' demographics.

Bill at Dawn's Early Light has a brace of posts up: here and here! Bill points to the mixed messages and indecision coming from the French government.

Rick at Holy Coast brings us the news that Pepe Le Pew has been injured in the riots. Hhmm, I didn't know Pepe was French; I thought he was Spanish!

Dale (aka: Okie Boy) at Okie on the Lam! has a question for us, "Paris Riots -- All About Economics & Race?" Dale offers his readers an excellent recap, bringing them up to day with a number of money quotes from MSM.

And my good buddy John at Blogotional is pondering the links to our own culture in "What's Happening?"French Fry

This is the first CRIB post on the subject but I do have something to say!
  • First, if these riots spill over into Germany or Spain or The Netherlands, we'd better let Houston know "we've got a problem."
  • Second, this is neither an economic nor a race issue ... this is a spiritual and cultural issue. Third world nations are patriarchal and see appeasement and secular governance as weakness and sinful. Their worldviews are stilted by their way of thinking; that way of thinking is anathema to the West. Their view of evil, though founded in a theocratic philosophy, sees anything they do as legitimate, whereas, anything the west does, especially since it is Judeo-Christian based, is evil because the west is the infidel.
  • Third, anyone who argues these "young men" have too much time on their hands and no hope for the future doesn't know their Islamic or African history. Time and time again (for centuries), westerners have gone to them to assist them in learning skills and developing employment opportunities ... have you looked around lately? Show me where there are Muslim or African nations developing jobs and hope for their people? Where is the creative product of their nations? I contend that if there was a job for every young male immigrant in France and an inexhaustible supply of tokens for Frenchie's Cheese, and a franchise on every corner, they still wouldn't work and they'd still complain about what others are doing to them, simultaneously looking for something to destroy or burn down ... as long as it belongs to a westener.
Then again, maybe it's just me? Maybe I'm just an Islamo-phobe?

But I will tell you this: this Islamo-facist thing is getting progressively worse ... and if Avian flu gets out of hand, they'll blame it on the west and the orient and all hell will break loose.

Mark my words!

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