Saturday, November 12, 2005


... dead at 95, just eight days short of his 96 birthday.
Drucker 1909-2005
Arguably the most influential thinker and writer in business management and theory, known for coining such terms as "privatization" and "knowledge worker"

Aside from the upper echelons of capitalism and America's B-schools (and not a few in the organized church), Drucker's death will go unnoticed.

But I remember him and still have my notes from a one day seminar I and about 12 other MBA wannabes ... in fact I still have four audio tapes of that seminar. I'll have to get them out and refresh my memory.

What do I remember most? What sounded like a lazy German accent; his size, he was a double-x to me; and how he talked and talked and talked, without notes, without direction, and way off topic. Everyone complemented him on his business insight, I questioned whether it had been money well spent; either they knew something I didn't or vice-versa.

Since I hated the business world, I've always assumed the former. Now that I'm older and wiser, I'm not so sure.

All kidding aside, Peter F. Drucker made a mountain sized contribution to the American business sector and to the quality of education offered in our B-schools ... and he was a really nice guy who loved this country and cared about people.

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