Friday, November 11, 2005


... business but it is personal, so I'm allowed.

Those Gutless Oblivious Poli-pimps (aka GOP) we have representing us are an embarrassment to Abe and Ronnie.

My gosh, where are the men in this party? All I see are dither-minded, base-ignoring, hyper-agoraphobic, snot-nosed, nouveau-puissant, caricatures of men, posturing their pathetic posteriors for the omnipresent press corps in order to impress one another.

All of the money given in support, and work done by good and decent Americans, who trustingly elected these juvenile-jackasses to represent them in the federal sewer system ... like our fathers did and their fathers before them ... wasted, wasted!

And the pair in the White House couldn't beat a double-belly-buster ... and the jokers acting like important department heads look more like they've lost theirs.

If the Donkey party wasn't worse, I'd give serious thought to switching. But they are worse ... can you imagine anything worse? [HT: What Attitude Problem]

And here in California? Only a lawyer can figure this one out! I think we should all leave it to them and watch as they sink it into the sunset without us.

Whew! Now I feel a little better!

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