Wednesday, November 09, 2005


... Darwinian ignorance 4.

Kansas' Board of Education has approved science standards for public schools which cast doubt on evolution; the vote, which has been expected for months, approved the new language criticising evolution by 6-4.
CreationProponents of the change argue they are trying to expose students to legitimate scientific questions about evolution.

Critics say it is an attempt to inject creationism into schools, in violation of the constitutional separation between church and state.
I continue to be amazed at how little the critics really know about intelligent design. They continue to connect imaginary dots between two divergent realms - Christianity and Intelligent Design. No serious Christian spokesperson would ever promote ID as a Christian property; ID proponents do well to avoid making the connection as well.
The new standards include several specific challenges, including statements that there is a lack of evidence or natural explanation for the genetic code, and charges that fossil records are inconsistent with evolutionary theory.

It also states that says certain evolutionary explanations "are not based on direct observations... and often reflect... inferences from indirect or circumstantial evidence".
Proponents must now wait for the inevidible federal court challenge by Kansas ACLU-ites ... putting this in the hands of a man-in-black is like hiring Ted Bundy as Dean of Women at Wellesley College.
Decisions about what is taught in Kansas classrooms will remain with 300 local school boards, but the new standards will be used to develop student tests measuring how well schools teach science.
Educators can expect to continue to feel the pressure for ID from serious supporters of quality education for their children.

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