Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Real Cultural Force... according Lisa Anderson, Chicago Tribune writer.
Fictional presidential candidate Matt Santos on NBC's The West Wing recently discussed it, as did real-life President Bush, not to mention The Daily Show host Jon Stewart, dozens of Nobel laureates and school boards across the country.

A decade ago, most Americans had never heard of intelligent design, or ID. But in the past year, the term has surfaced repeatedly in politics, media and education as the rallying point for religious conservatives in the spreading culture war over the teaching of Charles Darwin's theory of evolution.

Though polls show that about half of Americans still don't recognize the expression, the meaning of ID is the focal point of a landmark First Amendment case unfolding in Pennsylvania.
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BY Janet Parshall A Sacred Cow
The ACLU is in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania to challenge the decision by the Dover School Board to have a one-minute statement read in biology classes, essentially stating that Darwinism may not be absolute truth regarding the origins of man.

Intelligent design, while not essentially religious, states that the order and design in biology is too complex to be explained by natural selection. Design points to a designer—and that upsets the ACLU. They believe that it should be illegal to allow for critical examination of evolution because it “disparages” the theory. To the ACLU, Darwinism is a sacred cow.
Regardless of how the ID in education debate turns out, it doesn't change one iota of the truth of God's revelation ... God, after all, is the only intelligent thing man has seen in his 6,000 plus years of existence!

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