Wednesday, November 02, 2005


EU Flag... says title to be spelled with a lowercase "c" from now on.

Oh this is cool. All you reformation rooted folks should be dancing in the streets over the spiritual advances Europe has made in the past five centuries.
A new grammar rule devised by the European Union in Brussels stipulates the word "Christ" shall be spelled with a lowercase "c." The rule was part of an orthography reform published in October, reported Canada Free Press.

The paper cites a German newssite,, in reporting that the new guidelines also indicate the Dutch word for "Jews" (Joden) is to be spelled with a capital "J" when referring to nationality and with a lower-case "j" when referring to the religion. [...] There are no penalties set out for those who insist on continuing to spell Christ with a capital "C."
Now that's big of them. For those of you unfamiliar with reformation history, this secularization of Europe began in the 19th Century in the higher critical schools of Germany. It virtually coincided with new theories on the origin of the species in the natural sciences. Hhhmmmm?
Many Europeans have long discarded belief in God and in fact believe more deeply in ghosts than in a deity. A new poll finds two-thirds of Britons said they believe in the existence of ghosts and spirits, but only 55 percent said they believe in the existence of God.
On the surface, what with the problems the Dutch, French, British, and Germans are having with their immigrant populations, I don't think we can expect much left of the Old Europe in another hundred years.

In spite of this insult to the prominent and historical influence of "christ" and "christianity" and the "jews," God still sits on His throne and continues to be sovereign in every detail of "european" existence. Amen!

AFTERTHOUGHT: I hope "european" bible publishers don't expect to do very well with new printings which include these changes.

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