Wednesday, November 09, 2005


... parties of both parts.

A lot has been written about this already: the IRS warns All Saints Episcopal Church in Pasadena they risk losing their tax-exempt status because of a former rector's anti-war remarks in 2004. (News: NPR, Taipei Times,; Blogs: Mainstream Baptist, Working Families Party Man, World Wide Webers)
I have this to say about politics ... when you step into God's pulpit you need to be dead certain you are speaking for Him, if not - shut up! Politics is a legitimate topic in any pulpit as long as it is an ilustrative aid in the feeding of His sheep; if it isn't, it doesn't have any business in a "worship" service of His church.

I also have this to say about the IRS ... not only can they not write comprehensible law, they've allowed themselves to be used by every administration since the code became law. And as for the church and her tax exempt status, the IRS has used that as an excuse to bludgeon her, as well as interfere in her affairs to the point of distraction.
In my rather insignificant opinion, the Service and All Saints are both stuck on stupid!

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