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... and pure drinkable nectar rises to the surface, or so it would seem.

As I have said ... time and time again ... the problem confronting France is not one of non-assimilation, poverty, employment opportunity, racism, or social sensitivity ... it is a fundamental clash of worldviews, and it is having a profound effect on the thinking of Europe (here and here).

Paul at Powerline says it better than I ever could ...
The first-hand reports I receive from my wife's family persuade me that Islamic ideology (admittedly in a crude form) is never far from the surface even in ethnically mixed lower-middle class neighborhoods, so it's difficult to imagine how it could be completely missing in action when violence erupts in the predominantly Muslim slums. The emails we receive at Power Line from Europeans support the same conclusion. [...]

When the Bush administration is out of the picture, and the French government and Muslims are the only possible culprits, it becomes difficult for the Post to assign responsibility. The whole thing must be a big misunderstanding.

The [Washington] Post does have a solution, though -- "affirmative action policies." There's an idea.
And the evidence continues to mount for this take on the French deux-deux! reported this today ...
Detectives are investigating claims that videotapes and DVDs used to recruit terrorists were handed out at mosques in Dewsbury[, England].

The tapes were found at two mosques in the town where July 7 London bomber Mohammed Sidique Khan lived. [...]
And a local resident said ...
Muslims picked up the tapes thinking they were readings or prayers from the Koran but were stunned to find they were violent jihad videos.

"These tapes were left at points of public access in the reception areas of the mosques," he told BBC News.

"They were shocked to find messages of jihad. It is someone trying to drum up violence, especially among the younger members of the community.

"Somebody is trying to infiltrate their consciences, decision-making and values in the hope of perhaps recruiting the terrorists of the future from this community."
And here is what Thomas Sowell has to say concerning the meaning of riots and their implications for America ...
"In the name of respecting all cultures, Western nations have welcomed people who respect neither the cultures nor the rights of the population among whom they have settled." [HT: WorldMag Blog]
I am not a reactionary nor am I a far-right extremist, but I am common sensical and I am a critical thinker ... Islam will not stop itself, it must be stopped and restricted if Western Civilization is to survive.

I say this again: world domination by a wholly Islamic government is their objective; it is taught in their schools and colleges, in their mosques, in their homes, and by their governments where they have Islamic governments.

The reason they do is as simple as the difference between Esau and Jacob [Romans 9:6-16], Isaac and Ishmael [Galatians 4:21-31] ... end of story. The children of Ishmael, Esau, and Lot's incestuous offspring [Genesis 19:30-38] can do nothing else, they are driven by "spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places" [Ephesians 6:12].

The descendants of these patriarchs are thorns in Israel's flesh and a prophetic enemy of the human race ... lost souls all, and in need of the atoning Blood of Christ to relieve them of the burden of their iniquities, just like I once did.

Those who sycophanticly play to the Muslim street are doing more harm than good (here, here, and here). Not all is bad news, however, as The Christian Science Monitor reports in "Riots ebb as citizens take stand".

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