Tuesday, January 31, 2006

BIBLE: A Rolling Stone gathers no

... fruits; at least that's the story over at KLASTV. Their story says Rolling Stone magazine was "puzzled" by US Senator Brownback's use of Scripture in an interview with the dead tree publication.
It isn't every day you see the Bible quoted in Rolling Stone magazine, but Senator Sam Brownback's reference to Jesus' words appears to have been misunderstood.

In an article titled "God's Senator," Rolling Stone quotes the Kansas Republican as lamenting the fate of countries like Sweden that have legalized gay marriage. Brownback says -- quote -- "You'll know them by their fruits."
KLASTV says an awkard silence followed the senator's statement. Evidently they thought the senator was referring to homosexual Swedes as "fruits." How do we know he wasn't?

[NOTE: the words, spoken by Jesus, actually warn of false prophets who are easily recognized "by their deeds (fruits)" Matt. 7:16]

The Wonkette says, "Sometimes a banana is just a banana."

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