Tuesday, January 31, 2006

PERVERT REDUX: Dateline NBC contacted me about an interview

... regarding their upcoming special on a child-molestation sting in Riverside, CA, a few weeks ago. I've posted on it before (see below for links). This got my family and me thinking about an opportunity for "15 seconds of fame."

We decided against it, for a variety of reasons; but the one that stopped me and caused this post was a comment from my 19 year-old daughter who's away at school. She said, "I don't want to be interviewed about him [Walter Babst]. I don't like what he did, but he was a great math teacher. He's the one who inspired me to major in math."

Humbling! Here I am, the indignant father whose daughter is 19 and in her third year at University and I learn that a pervert was instrumental in motivating my daughter to higher achievement.

When I discussed this with the producer of the segment (to be broadcast 2/3/06 @ 6 pm PST) she said every story has two sides and it's that other side we can't forget to report. So Mr. Babst, thank you for motivating my daughter to excell in and love math.

And all of that cerebral effort reminded me that Bonita High School, where Mr. Babst taught my daughters, is a fine high school, one of the best, if not the best, in this area. And their faculty and staff were and are excellent educators and caretakers by most unified school district standards.

The one criticism my family and other families had about the school were the horrible dress code of parents and the school's failure to enforce the excellent one they had published.

Far too many of the girls look more like trollops and lap dancers than the snot-nosed, wet behind the ears, just barely post-pubescient, not yet metally ripe teenagers they really were; and too many boys' beltloops failed to clear their hip bones ... and their taste in boxer shorts was something to behold, and you'd wish you hadn't.

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