Tuesday, January 31, 2006

PRISON MINISTRY: Stacy Harp at Writing Right has an excellent post

... and video up on the failure of Nightline to see the trees for the forest.

How can she be so sure? Because as she points out, Barry Lynn was invited but not Chuck Colson of Prison Fellowship, the preeminent ministry to the incarcerated in the world. The only justification for this is if Nightline's audience surveys reported "zero" under Evangelical Christian.
In a recent Nightline episode that aired January 27, 2006, Vicki Mabrey presented what some call a controversial program happening within the prison walls of Lawtey Correctional Institution. The issue at hand – faith in prisons and not just Christianity.

Mabrey contends that even though officials cite success with their program it isn’t really sufficient because there aren’t any scientific studies that prove that these types of faith based programs help lower disciplinary actions or lower recidivism rates.
Harp goes on to say ...
A cursory examination on the Prison Fellowship website reveals that Mabrey and Barry Lynn are incorrect about there being no studies that show faith helps in redeeming prisoners, lowering recidivism rates and lower disciplinary actions.
All in all the evidence flies in the face of the Nightline report.

Read & see more >>> (numerous additional video links)

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