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CARTOON-ISTAN: Check your pulse, for if you still don't get it

... you must be dead! (Christians see end of post)

The Islamic world fully intends to take over your country and subjugate you and your family to Sharia law ... you may resist when they come, if you wish, but your children's throats will be slit before your wife's is, then, and only then, it will be your turn.

Radicals, Muslims, GWOTThese people, their culture, their philosophy of life, and their religion are not peaceful ... since you don't hear so well, let me say that again ... Muslims are not at all a peaceful people, not even the moderate ones. President Bush is deadly wrong in his opinion on this matter.

As a worldview, they've declared war on Western Civilization but we refuse to read that declaration!

The global reaction to Cartoon-istan by Muslims reveals the true nature of an entire people's deep animus toward non-Muslims! It sickens the soul and makes one want to scream at the top of the lungs - "BEWARE THE MUSLIM PLAGUE!" Look at Europe and what it is doing to them ... will they react quickly enough before it's too late? I don't think so!

Good people are becoming weary of all this Muslim noise; they attack others and then bleeding hearts blame the victims. Then Islamic radicals riot because the victims caused their own attack but blamed it on them ... and now the bleeding hearts tell us it's our fault they have! Good people have no way to spit in the terrorists' eye so they use subtle protest like republishing the cartoons in their blogs.

When the leadership of the largest Christian body in the world takes a position like the one that follows, Europe is in big trouble. Not to mention Israel.
... the Roman Catholic Church added its voice to Western governments condemning publication of the images. "The right to freedom of thought and expression . . . cannot entail the right to offend the religious sentiment of believers," the Vatican said in a statement.
Even the UN's wonderful Secretary General is looking for freedoms in free contries to be constrained in the interest of appeasing Islam. The uproar continues unabated as Muslims see western solidarity waffle.
The embassies of Denmark and Norway were badly damaged by demonstrators shouting "God is Great!" as police fired tear gas and water cannons, news reports said. In the Palestinian territories, protesters burned tires and threw rocks at offices of the European Union, and a leader of the Islamic Resistance Movement, or Hamas, was quoted as calling for the death of those responsible for the caricatures.
Some cry out the uproar from the press and conservatives is another example of racism and white power elitism. But others have rallied to the side of common sense and forsight.

There is serious reason to fear the goals of the Islamic rabble. Wm. Wagner, a Southern Baptist seminary missions professor, tells of a book published by the Ayatollah Khomeini on Islamic government.
"Khomeini wrote that it was his desire to see all of the surrounding countries of Iran become Islamic republics, ... This would include countries such as Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Jordan," Wagner said. "Thus one of the desires of Iran -- which is the main supporter of Hamas [the upset victor in the recent Palestinian elections] -- is to basically take over the governments of those countries."
Wagner tells of a five-step plan for the takeover of the world,

  • First, overthrow of the Shah in Iran.
  • Second, take control of Iran and the countries surrounding Iran.
  • Third, drive Israel out of existence. (All of which have been marginally achieved.)
  • Fourth, take over Western Europe. (In process.)
  • Fifth, engineer the collapse of America. "Which Wagner said Khomeini believed would collapse on its own from moral degradation. ... It is all a part of a grand strategy."
While Islamic Sharia law is not in place in various countries throughout the Middle East and North Africa, Wagner said radical groups are at work to eventually implement it. Radical groups in Turkey, for instance, are seeking Sharia law even as the government remains on a secular path, he said.
Obviously, success has been rapid in the early part of this new century. It's the radical element of Khomeni's evil plan that provides the engine for his scheme, his radical view of Islam supplies the fuel. The one thing that's missing in Komeini's prophetic strategy is the nuclear bomb.
Iran, Islam, Radicals, Nuclear bombOne of the specific instructions laid out in Khomeini’s book, Wagner noted, was for radical groups to go along with the government when it appears that the government is opposed to what they are doing. They should do this, he said, until the groups can take over the governments.

"If it looks like other people have control, you kind of sit back a little bit and work with them until you can take them over, and that’s exactly what they are doing in Iraq today," Wagner said. "The Shiites are the ones being sponsored by Iran, and they are the ones following Khomeini's advice.... They are the ones that have the control of Iraq at this point; they are in the majority."
Modern technology has not left these semi-backward people behind ... they've used it to their advantage.
"The Iranian revolution was called an 'audio-tape revolution' because they purchased an enormous number of audio tapes and distributed them all around the country," he said. "Now what they are doing is they are using, very effectively, e-mails and the Internet."
Propaganda has always been the tool of the lying fascist ... and he will use whatever means available to propogate it. For example, Aljazeera, the Arabic language news network, has become a mouthpiece for Islamic militants ...
"They are starting news agencies and starting their own television and radio stations," Wagner said, "and that is going to be an ever-increasing part of Islam's strategy."
Wagner raises a very interesting contention, one I'm going to give more thought to ...
One of the ways Americans hold forth democracy is through political elections, Wagner pointed out, noting the difficult situation America faces as, in some cases, elections could fuel the overall strategy of radical Muslims rather than move a country toward true democracy.
Sadly, our history is replete with examples of nation building failures.
Plans of Islamic militants to take control of the world may seem laughable to many Americans, but the recent victory of a radical Islamic party in the Palestinian parliamentary elections is far from a laughing matter to Wagner.
In his book, "How Islam Plans to Change the World," Wagner, a former career missionary, tells us that a strategy of da'wah (the presence of mosques) and jihad (a holy war) have been set in place by radicals to gain control and dominance. In every country they reside. Wagner rightly warns, "Hamas is dedicated to holy war as their primary means of bringing the world to Islam."
Classified by the United States as a terrorist organization committed to the destruction of Israel, Hamas’ landslide victory Jan. 25 casts doubt as to whether the Mideast peace process will proceed, Wagner said.

"They will use democracy to take over, but they would never allow democracy to overthrow them," he said.
Palestinians are primarily Sunni Muslims, but Hamas is also supported by Shiite Islam, according to Wagner.
The development of an ecumenical Islamic system ... could allow the two sects of Islam to work together to overthrow Israel, ... even though they may not otherwise get along.

"They are saying, 'Let us Shiites and Sunnis work together for the overthrow of Israel and for the conversion of the world to Islam,' ... They are having some success in this."
Though the Hamas victory in Palestine fits Khomeini's plan it, like Cartoon-istan, has had a downside. The United States, as well as countries that once gave support to the Palestinians, have reassessed involvement with a Hamas led government.
Hamas has carried out nearly 60 suicide bombings in Israel since a Palestinian uprising broke out more than five years ago, according to Reuters.
Can we expect an escalation of terror attacks from these terrorists in pin-striped suits? One thing is for sure the riots are having a negative impact in many places and Khomeini's plan didn't address that. I suppose we can expect multiple Islamic mea culpas in the next few days in order to give the impression they're sorry.

Christians, you need to remember who is sovereign in the affairs of man ... even* Mohammad and Allah! And remember what Jesus said, "Lo, I am [is] with you even to the end of the age". He is the Life, the Truth, and the Only Way! Baruch Hashem Adonai! [*Ed. note: there was an unfortunate error in the first posting of this, the word "even" was left out. So much for late night posting.]

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