Friday, February 24, 2006

CATHOLIC: This is a not such a gay story!

In the same way I distrust ethnic and feminist studies (as they are designed, packaged, promoted, and taught), I distrust the news out of DePaul University in Chicago ...
DePaul, Gays, NewsweekDePaul, Gays, Newsweek[The university] recently announced that it's offering a new "Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered and Queer Studies" minor. That wouldn't normally turn heads (several universities have similar offerings), but DePaul is the nation's largest Roman Catholic university—and the Vatican's official teaching is that homosexuality is "objectively disordered." "I understand that there's a tension there," says Assistant Prof. Gary Cestaro, the program's director.
Yeh, rrriiiggghhhttt! Sure you do!

If, however, the program was a research/teaching program, I'd have limited objections to it in a university environment. But we all know (after 50 years of deception and obfuscation) that the present citizens of academia and debauchery can't be trusted. (Jerk me around once, shame on you; jerk me around twice, shame on me). Note that ...
... some conservative Catholic groups, who are calling for the program to be abolished. "It's clearly portraying the culture in a favorable way," says Patrick J. Reilly, founder of the Cardinal Newman Society, an organization that promotes conservative teaching on Catholic campuses. "There's no doubt that this program, at least in a subtle way, is undermining Catholic teaching on homosexuality."
I don't agree with abolition! If those in the program could be held accountable, and not promote a deviant agenda, I think those with Judeo-Christian worldviews would end up the real winners of such studies. Truth you know is like cream; but if you don't milk the cow, you'll never separate the cream. Check out God's logic in 1 Corinthians 11:18,19 ...
For, in the first place, when you come together as a church, I hear that divisions exist among you; and in part I believe it. For there must also be factions among you, so that those who are approved may become evident among you.
God knows full well the difficulty associated with keeping first things first; He so orders things that light and dark, right and wrong, genuine and disingenuousness, truth and false, etc. are clearly separated.
DePaul, Gays, NewsweekCestaro, who largely developed the program from already existing classes on campus, disagrees [about abolition], noting that he's even considering adding a class, taught by the campus's Catholic Studies Department, that would address the church's stances on homosexuality. He defends the program's merit—and the university's right to offer it. "Institutions of higher learning, even if they are Catholic, aren't spokespeople for the Vatican," he says. "Like any university, there should be room for free inquiry."
And therein lies the problem on our contemporary campuses. Over 90% of the time, "free inquiry" takes a position of priority over the foundations of the institution. God warned us long ago not to mess with His boundary lines [Psalm 47:17] and corner markers. He allows the seas to go as far as His beaches ... and NO MORE! [Proverbs 8:29]

A student's voice resonates from cords of this confusion ...
Jennifer Evrard, a DePaul sophomore who identifies as straight, says she's excited that the university "wised up" and started offering more courses in this field. "Some people take this university's values a lot more to heart than others," she says. "I'm not saying this university's values are something to be taken lightly, but there are varying degrees of faith that come with them."
This young lady really means well, I'm certain of it. But liberalism and political correctness have turned everything inside out and upside down! Our young people are no longer capable of intellectual honesty or critical thinking. Thank you very much you children of the '60s.

The shakers and movers at DePaul would do well to take their eyes off the motivations of man and turn them upward, and discover anew their boundaries and corner markers.

Human institutions become great, like DePaul, because they are raised up on solid foundations and they stay great when those foundations are maintained and nurtured. History, if nothing else, teaches that ... but history also teaches that man learns little from history!

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