Saturday, February 25, 2006

MACABRE: If you thought the decline in American ethics and morals

... concurrent with an increase in greed wasn't your problem, or you think it's an isolated issue, think again.
Michael Mastromarino, Body snatcherThe owner of a biomedical supply house [Michael Mastromarino, photo left] and three others were charged with selling body parts for use in transplants in a scheme a district attorney called "something out of a cheap horror movie."

Prosecutors said Thursday the defendants made millions of dollars obtaining bodies from funeral parlors in three states and forging death certificates and organ donor consent forms to make it look as if the bones, skin, tendons, heart valves and other tissue were legally removed.
Aside from the moral issues, you say it couldn't happen to you, so what do you care? I'm sure Alistair Cooke host of "Masterpiece Theatre" thought the same thing. He died in 2004 and his body was part of the scam.
The investigation has raised fears that some of the body parts could spread disease to transplant recipients.

"I think we can agree that the conduct uncovered in this case is among the most ghastly imaginable," said Rose Gill Hearn, commissioner of the city Department of Investigation. "It was shockingly callous in its disregard for the sanctity of human remains."
What in the Hades did you expect? The medical community has been killing babies for decades, calling infanticide an "elective surgical procedure" the whole time. Duh?
Prosecutors said the defendants took organs from people who had not given consent or were too old or too sick to donate. The defendants forged consent forms and altered the death certificates to indicate the victims had been younger and healthier, authorities said.
This is descration of the dead, in my books an extreme and felonious criminal activity. It's no different to the Pastor than Dr. Frankenstein's grave robbing.
Body Snatchers x-rayX-rays and photos of recently exhumed cadavers show that where leg bones should have been, someone had inserted white plastic pipes — the kind used for home plumbing projects, available at any hardware store [see photo right -- HT: Vern Beachy's Raves]. The pipes were crudely reconnected to hip and ankle bones with screws before the legs were sewn back up.

Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes called it "something out of a cheap horror movie."
The body parts were sold to body part vendors and ultimately used in "disk replacements, knee operations, dental implants, and a variety of other surgical procedures" by doctors in the United States and Canada.
... the Food and Drug Administration closed Biomedical Tissue Services, saying it had evidence the company failed to screen for contaminated tissue. The agency warned that patients who received the company's products could have been exposed to diseases, although the FDA insisted the risk was minimal.
I love the way the government soothes the rumpled feathers of its citizens, "Don't worry; trust us!" Yeh, rrriiiggghhhttt!

Look if my relatives' remains had been caught up by this ghoul and his scalple, I'd be stark raving mad. No one ... I repeat - NO ONE ... could calm me down. But if one of my relatives was a recipient of one of these purloined and loathsome body parts, well, then, I'd REALLY get mad ... in fact I'd call one of the world's underworld leaches - a lawyer!

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