Saturday, February 25, 2006

TOLERANCE: Putin insists on tolerance

... but I suspect it's not the kind of tolerance we're accustomed to.
Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned against insulting religious feelings and has called on government bodies to be highly responsible in such matters.
But this is not tolerance of what any or all parties do or say, its a blanket prohibition of any actions or words, public or private ... censorship of religion in action, in other words.
The president was referring to the publication in European newspapers of cartoons depicting Mohammed, the founder of Islam, and to ensuing protests -- some of them violent -- in many parts of the Islamic world.
So some individual or agency or committee or board will decide what is and is not acceptable speech and behavior for people of faith. China has a system like this. In this upside down world, muslims would probably be exempt because their religion is national for all intents and purposes.

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