Wednesday, February 01, 2006

CHUTZPAH: What in the world

... were you thinking boy?

Ripon (CA) pastor pleaded guilty to embezzlement and agreed to 18 months in prison. How much did he embezzle? The whole kit and caboodle.

That's right, he forged papers to the title of the town's oldest church, and then sold it.
Randall Radic, 53, entered his plea as part of a deal in which prosecutors agreed to drop nine other charges.

Radic had preached at First Congregational Church ... for nearly a decade before he sold the church last October for $525,000, allegedly using the money to buy a BMW. He also faked documents that gave him possession of his house, which was owned by the church, then used the property to take out loans, authorities said. Before the plea deal, Radic had faced up to nine years in prison for 10 counts ... .
Radic is evidently an author of books on mysticism as well. The wolves of hell are gnawing at the pews.

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