Thursday, February 02, 2006

CLINTON LEGACY: What's behind the rush to impeach Bush?

Seriously, what's driving the Left's obsession to impeach Bush?

In The CRIB's opinion it's three-fold:
  • their longing to get even
  • their passion to show the public how wrong it was to let Bush and his cronies steal two elections from two such fine democratic examples as Gore and Kerry
  • their ambition to restore the "rightful" legacy of a man they believe to be the greatest Democratic president ever to serve ... perhaps even the greatest president ever!
It's that third motivation that intrigues The CRIB.

If they were remotely successful in getting an article of impeachment to the floor of the house they would claim (they love big lies) Bush was impeached in spirit (historians and academicians would support the spin since they are fairly well entrenched) and also claim the Republican house used chicanery, prejudice, parliamentary tricks, and duplicity to keep it off the floor.

If they were actually successful
in attaining the floor (God forbid), then ... abracadabra, ipso facto, in absentia, presto digitalis, open Sesame Street ... the Clinton impeachment would suddenly be on on a par with the Bush impeachment, though having never reached the Senate.

They would report them in the MSM, teach them in our colleges and universities, and eventually record them in the historical record as one and the same thing. End of argument!

Anyone who disagreed would be labeled a right-wing, whacko-fanatic and marginalized by the same people. That's what real power looks and works like.

That's why The CRIB believes it's important to stop this as we approach the upcoming national 2006 elections.

If you read between the lines of the leftist sites and the MSM reports, you will notice that popularity polls heavily influence their writing ... as if public opinion is the driving force behind world leadership. Consensus decisions have been some of the worst decisions made by modern man; heroic leaders often have stood alone while alive.

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