Friday, February 03, 2006

ISLAM: Actions often betray the secrets

... of a man's worldview more brilliantly than his words; words are handled with more care than actions since the latter tend to be reflexive.

We often see this with organizations: for example, Enron, Exxon (the Exxon Valdez), Waco (DOJ), the Nazis, Tyco, Adelphia, the Democrats since Bush took office, the UN's Oil-for-Food program, etc. But rarely have we been so wonderfully entertained by
a large organization's actions as we have been by the continuous and shameful behavior of Muslims around the world.

For example, the brouhaha over Toilet Gate! The first real crack in the Islamic facade of civility dignity, character, and peaceful coexistence.

Also, the celebrations after 9/11, the sacking of the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem (Bibles used as toilet paper), the frolic over the burning of coalition contractors and the hanging of their charred bodies on a bridge versus the uproar over the burning of rebel bodies in Afghanistan, the election of Hamas to run the Palestinian Authority, the slaughter of school children in Beslan, the beheading of innocent people because they are non-Muslims, and how about the teen-aged Christian school girls beheaded by peaceful Muslims in Indonesia this past year.

Now we have the laughable, but very serious, and revealing debacle over the Danish cartoons of the prophet Mohammad and the firing of a French newspaper editor for publishing those same cartoons.

MSNBC has been running an unscientific poll regarding the issue; earlier in the day the
anti-Muslin opposition was 82% of 74,102 votes. At least there still are people in this country who haven't lost their common sense ... some even in the EU. The latter is quickly discovering the high cost of neglecting personal and civil liberties.

Mohammad, Danish cartoon
Anti-Semitic Muslim cartoonSo tell me, what is the difference between the cartoon of Mohammad at the left (by a non-Muslim Dane) and the anti-Semitic cartoon at the right (by a Muslim)?

There is none unless you're a Muslim!

Perhaps that question should be asked of the UN; they plan to spend millions to investigate cartoonists.

And for all their efforts to stop the "blasphemy," the
cartoons are now all over the place ... so much for ill-conceived protests. What really mystifies me is how many were and are cowering at the treats of these hoodlums and thugs.

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