Thursday, February 09, 2006

MORE ANGLICAN ANGST: The British arm of the Anglican beastie

... has stuck its finger in the Jewish eye this time.
British Jewry was stunned and outraged over a surprise decision on Monday by the Anglican Church's General Synod to divest from companies whose products are used by Israel in the territories.

The synod backed a call by the Episcopal Church in Jerusalem to divest from "companies profiting from the illegal occupation," such as Caterpillar, which makes bulldozers that Israel is using to build the separation fence.
Skull Crossbones, Jews, Israel, AnglicanAw gee, and Haliburton owns Caterpillar ... and ... and ... and the Jews own Yale, and
you know Skull and Crossbones is at Yale and you know who was in S-n-C, Bush, because Dubya went to Yale and was an anti-Semite. So the Jews own Bush, whose father owns all the oil companies in the world, and you know all of his directors are Jews, so the Jews own Texas. God help us!

And a little secret you don't know about, the Knesset owns an unnamed Danish newspaper, where an unnamed Jewish cartoonist works. Ssshhh! Don't tell anyone, or the Mouse-adi will drop you in your tracks like they did all the freedom fighters from Munich.

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UPDATE (2/9/2006)
: Jewish group responds ...
The decision by the Synod of the Church of England to divest from companies whose products are used by Israel in the territories is "shameful and outrageous," Jewish organizations said yesterday.

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