Tuesday, February 14, 2006

OLYMPICS: There are more Kelly Clarks at the Olympics

... than most people would imagine, but not many with her courage.

As the article says, there is a lot of hoopla going on around the venues, lots of noisy music, and lots of braggadocio and then there's a few like Kelly. Can you ...
... imagine the double-takes when, after finishing a disappointing fourth place in the finals, Clark said: "I love Jesus. It's more joyful knowing him than all that snowboarding stuff. And so being able to snowboard for him is amazing."
Fourth, first, or last you're tops in my books girl. Colorado grows some real special stuff ... the right stuff.
At the recent X Games in Colorado, where Clark was a champion, her board was adorned with "Jesus" in large script letters captured by ESPN cameras. Such ostentatious displays of personal agendas are not seen during Olympic competition, where the names held holy include Coca-Cola, Kodak and Visa.
And ...
Needing the best ride of her 22-year-old life to duplicate the gold-medal run at the 2002 Winter Games, however, Clark did something that shredded every stereotype of snowboarding. She rode accompanied by music so peaceful as to be disquieting for a sport whose musical god is Nirvana.

"It was 'O Praise Him' by David Crowder," said Clark, determined to spread the gospel in a sporting venue known more for getting your ya-yas out.
The Denver Post reporter, Mark Kiszla, said, "The definition of rebel is going where nobody else in the crowd dares."

He was wrong, you know. He should have said, "The definition of [hero] is going where nobody else in the crowd dares."

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