Wednesday, March 08, 2006

BLACK DEMOCRATS: Talk about hypocrisy!

The Detroit Free Press is reporting on another example of hypocrisy in high places. Duke Cunningham has rightly received harsh criticism for his by the MSM, but this I could only find through "new media."
Democrats, Conyers, HypocrisyImagine the nationwide editorial outcry were it learned that Rep. Roy Blunt (R-Missouri) had ordered federal employees to tutor his children on government time, pick up his laundry, and babysit his kids for six weeks while his wife attended school in another state. But since it wasn't Mr. Blunt, or any Republican, but instead ultra-liberal Democrat John Conyers of Michigan, only a handful of newspapers outside Michigan have reported the news.
If these allegations are true, I can't see the real difference between this and the crimes of Congressman Cunningham. The big boot of the Justice Department ought to stomp on this guy ... or at least the House Ethics Committee. What a hypocrit!

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