Wednesday, March 08, 2006

MSM: Does the presence of controversy drive Moslem article?

The NYT just finished a remarkable three-part series on a Moslem Iman in the Big Apple; not remarkable for the reporting but for the question it raises about the paper's even-handedness.
Islam, NYT, ReligionIt's hard to imagine the New York Times profiling positively a Christian preacher who "presides over a patriarchal world, sometimes upholding it, and other times challenging it. In one sermon, he said that a man was in charge of his home and had the right to 'choose his wife's friends.'"
This is not a case of "not getting it"! This seems to me to be a simple case of a failing MSM giant trying to appease a threatening, quasi-powerful group in order to drive subscriptions and readership.

Olasky's implicaiton is spot on; it is hard to imagine a Times piece which might treat Southern Baptist distinctives, polity, doctrine, and life with as even a hand as the Iman and his followers received.

Full story - part three >>>

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