Wednesday, March 01, 2006

FOLLOW-UP: Were Chinese Church Leaders

... confessions tortured out of them?

In a previous post I reported on the possibility of Church leaders in China who were under the threat of execution. Now Texas ABC station KLTV has reported ...
China, ChurchUS activist says underground Chinese church leaders accused of killing of 20 members of a rival group were tortured into confessing. [...]

The president of Midland, Texas-based China Aid Association, Bob Fu (FOO), says ten are charged with murder, which is punishable by death in China. He says the rest face charges including illegal detention.

Fu cites what he says are court documents obtained by his group. He says both groups are believed to have hundreds of thousands of members around China.
Knowing the past history of rural Chinese authorities and their obsession with stamping out Christianity, I wouldn't be surprised if the police murdered the church leaders, falsely accused the others, and then tortured them into confessing in order to cover their own tracks. That would mean they could rid themselves of more than two dozen leaders with one stone wrapped in Chinese justice.

Beware what you think you see when dealing with the Chinese.

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