Tuesday, February 28, 2006

ROUNDUP: Recent news worth knowing about!

The following is a roundup of recent news items The CRIB thinks are neat:


Megachurches 'shallow in theology'

This is like an American Tabby calling a Russian Blue a cat.
The head of the World Council of Churches has expressed concern about the spread of megachurches around the world, such as Hillsong in Sydney, saying they could lead to a Christianity that is "two miles long and one inch deep".

The WCC General Secretary Samuel Kobia said megachurches - huge Protestant churches with charismatic pastors, lively music and other services - mostly ran on a business model to make worshippers feel good and were shallow in their theology.

Campus Crisis Over Chris-toons

This is it; this is the way to respond to Cartoon-istan ...
Online cartoons that satirize Jesus Christ, Islam's prophet Muhammad and other religious figures are causing a stir among students and administrators at Radford University.
The "Christ on Campus" comic strip, created by cartoonist Christian Keesee and appearing on Whim Internet Magazine, has featured images of Jesus being stabbed by Santa Claus; playing poker with Muhammad, Buddha, Vishnu and Satan; and punching a heckler who called Jesus a "glorified Easter bunny."
Though some may take offense, this is free-speech in process!


IRS says Church politicking 'disturbing'

Pssst! IRS! You may not know it but the Church says IRS spying is disturbing ...
The Internal Revenue Service said yesterday it found a "disturbing" amount of illegal politicking in churches and charities after investigating complaints coming out of the 2004 election. To prevent a repeat in the upcoming congressional elections, the agency said it is gearing up to quickly investigate and quash any violations that arise this year.


Christian Leader Still Promotes New Age

It's sort of like Gamaliel said to the Sanhedren, "If he is of God you can't stop him; if he isn't, he cannot survive." A thorn in the side of the Bride? Yes, and darn annoying!
Well-known professing Christian author, speaker and business guru, Ken Blanchard, who has ties with Rick Warren, Bill Hybels, David Jeremiah and other Christian leaders, has been endorsing and promoting New Age teachings for over twenty years. After this was brought to the light last April ..., and after Blanchard said he would stop ..., he is still endorsing New Age books and continues his connections with New Age organizations. This critical situation is affecting believers world-wide.
How about looking into the National Baptist and AME churches who have Gore, Calypso Louie, Sharpton, The Reh-va-rend Ja-ees-ee Ja-ak-has-son and Clintons speaking in their churches every election day ... an they ain't preaching bro!


Misused Money Rumors Roil Orthodox Church in America
Allegations of financial misconduct are rocking the Orthodox Church in America, whose former treasurer says top officials misappropriated millions of dollars in donations .... The highest officers of the 400,000-member denomination, an offshoot of the Russian Orthodox Church, are accused of using the money to cover personal credit card bills, pay sexual blackmail, support family members and make up shortfalls in various church accounts.

White House Katrina report praises Southern Baptists, other faith groups

I wish I could report all that people of faith have done during the past few crises; someone should write a book.
The White House, in a report assessing the response to Hurricane Katrina, praised and commended faith-based organizations including Southern Baptists for their quick and coordinated work to aid storm victims in the Gulf states.

The 228-page document report, titled “The Federal Response to Hurricane Katrina, Lessons Learned,” said “faith-based organizations ... provided extraordinary services. For example, more than 9,000 Southern Baptist Convention North American Mission Board (NAMB) volunteers from 41 states served in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia. These volunteers ran mobile kitchens and recovery sites.”
Now go read what MSM reported on ... here, here, and here!


China - Religious Group Leaders Trial Set; Death Sentences Expected
China Aid Association learned that 17 top leaders from a Chinese religious group are set to be tried on February 28, 2006 ... . According to the prosecution paper ... Mr. Xu Wenku (also known as Xu Shuangfu and Xu Shengguang) along with 16 of his top leaders will be accused of having murdered 20 leaders from a group called Eastern Lightning. Xu was also accused of having involved over 32 million Yuan ( $4 million) fraud.


Canadian scientists want out of the Darwin 'rut'

Welcome to the real world ...
A handful of Canadian scientists are speaking out against evolution as an explanation for all of life as we know it, saying the complexity of living things simply cannot be attributed to biological chance. Nine university professors and others with science or engineering PhDs have added their names to an American petition that voices skepticism about the theory of evolution. The list was posted on the Internet this week.

Pennsylvania school district to pay $1M in intelligent design lawsuit fees

This my friends is the danger of doing battle in their sandbox ...
Pennsylvania's Dover Area School District [official website] has agreed to pay $1 million in plaintiff's attorneys' fees after a federal district court found that the school district's inclusion of intelligent design theory in its high school biology curriculum was unconstitutional.


'Name and shame' tactic stops Indians from aborting baby girls

Only partial birth abortions are more repugnant to me ...
Khrishan Kumar, a civil servant in the northern Indian state of Punjab, stalks pregnant women. If he hears even a hint that someone plans an ultrasound test to discover whether their baby is a girl, he arrives on their doorstep.
Women in Nawan Shahar district, where he is deputy commissioner, fear his telephone calls and surprise visits and dread their names being added to his "watch list". But his inquisitive methods are helping to stamp out female foeticide, a practice so widespread in India because of the preference for sons rather than daughters that The Lancet recently estimated that 10 million baby girls had been terminated in the past 20 years.

The Coming Abortion Battle in the Bad Lands of Dakota
Beyond the borders of South Dakota and its fewer than 800,000 residents, no one pays much attention to the long list of bills to restrict abortion that the state's legislators ponder nearly every year. But last week, when they passed the most sweeping abortion ban in the country in more than a decade, the reverberations reached far beyond quiet Pierre.
Finally, some abortion opponents happily announced, the chance to overturn Roe v. Wade was close at hand. Presumably, this bill, if signed into law by the governor, would eventually reach a remade, more receptive United States Supreme Court.

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