Monday, June 26, 2006

ANIMAL RIGHTS: Bruno the Bear is dead!

Animal rights activists will be thrilled to hear this (BTYW when did animals get their rights?).
Hunters in the Bavarian Alps have shot dead a brown bear called Bruno after spending weeks trying to find it.


Bruno was the first wild bear to be sighted in Germany since 1835.
Someone needed a bear rug awfully bad to shoot this critter. A couple of sheep, a rabbit or two, and some honey equals a death sentence in the EU? Holy Cow, that happens every day in the US, Canada, and Mexico.

Are we to understand that the very "progressive" EU would like us to exterminate North America's carnivore population to save a few beehives and rabbits?
... German authorities had said the bear could be shot because it posed a danger to humans.
Of course he did, he's a "wild" animal ... duh! Like alligators and wolves and mountain lions. Human progress sometimes mystifies me.

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