Wednesday, July 19, 2006

BLUEGRASS: Jackson-Krause correction in order.

Dang! One of my posts had a unexpected amount of traffic ... I thought, "Wow! That's one of my better posts." Old demon pride got me again. Turns out the traffic was probably gawkers dropping by for a laugh.

Back in May, I got word, via Cybergrass, that Alison Krause (a favorite bluegrass star of mine) would be producing a tribute to bluegrass for Alan Jackson (a favorite country star of mine) ... only problem is that Bluegrass Blog recently posted an industry correction, saying it was not a bluegrass album after all!

Now, Bluegrass Blog's servers are down and I can't verify anything; so I don't know what his source was for his correction!

At anyrate, if the correction is true, I apologize for misleading! Still think they should record a bluegrass tribute, but probably won't.

For all those who got a big hee-haw out of it, "Ya'al come back, ya hear!"

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