Saturday, July 29, 2006

CIVIL LIBERTY: Oakland police infiltrated anti-war march illegally.

Help me out here? Jerry Brown, the mayor of Oakland? Is this the same JB that is the former boyfriend of Linda Ronstadt, Pat Brown's son, former Governor, ex-Catholic seminary student, hippy in a pin-stripped suit, intellectual war protester ... more than once? He is?

Well, what in the heck is his police department doing spying on legitimate public protests?
Two Oakland police officers working undercover at an anti-war protest in May 2003 got themselves elected to leadership positions in an effort to influence the demonstration, documents released Thursday show.


The ACLU said the Oakland case was one of several instances in which police agencies had spied on legitimate political activity since 2001.
Poor Jerry, I'll bet he was as mad as cornered Wolverine.

Behavior like this troubles me. I want our law enforcement agencies to have all the tools and personnel they need to do what we ask them to do ... but to do it legally!

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