Tuesday, July 11, 2006

CONSERVATION: Now this is a d__n shame!

The rhino is one of the most powerful and majestic animals in all the animal kingdom. It grieves me that such a magnificent animal might be fully extinct now.

The African Black has four habitates which dictate their classification:
Eastern Black, South-central Black [no pun was intended here; it is the name], South-western Black, and Western Black. All three of the other cateqories seem to be increasing in population.

I shouldn't weep too much, seeing as how I'm not much of a tree hugger or greenie weenie, but this is a real shame. The global community had enough time and money to prevent this animal's extiction ... but they were too d__n busy spending their time and money saving fairy shrimp in Riverside and Kangaroo rats in the San Jaoquin.
The West African black rhino appears to have become extinct, according to the World Conservation Union (IUCN).

[...] after two decades of warnings, the western black rhino has apparently met its final end, according to the findings of an extensive expedition by three specialists earlier this year.
I am a rhino collector; no, not the flesh and blood kind ... ceramics, charactures, toys, trinkets, articles, sculpture, and art. I have about fifty to sixty, but with the exception of a very few most of my goodies are packed after our move to Mexico.

When I began my hobby over 30 years ago, you couldn't find a rhino collectable if your life depended on it. Now, I find them all over, but my budget no longer allows me to buy them. The following was my first purchase ... her name is Izzadora.

Some of our Christian friends are calling on a change in the evangelical-conservative Christian's view on conservation. Well, I can't help that. This is simply an example of Darvin's "survival of the fittest" ... natural selection at work folks, get used to it, it's not over (but it is a d__n shame).

Apologies to those of you who gag when I speak my mind.

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