Wednesday, August 02, 2006

DENNIS PRAGER: Rule - whenever you hear "world opinion," assume it is morally wrong

Dennis Prager is one of the most refreshing voices on talk radio; always the gentleman, always thoughtful, always logical and common sensical, patient to a fault, and so thick-skinned he's the envy of all who speak for a living.

Writing on the irrational and illogical reactions of "world opinion" to Israel's war against the terrorist enclave Hezbollah, Prager offers straight forward argumentation to just ignore how the world feels (something I've been doing for years).
And here is a related rule if your religious or national or ethnic group ever suffers horrific persecution: "World opinion" will never do a thing for you. Never.

"World opinion" has little or nothing to say about the world's greatest evils and regularly condemns those who fight evil.
The author suggests we ...
Ask any of ... the hundreds of millions of ... slaughtered, tortured, raped and enslaved in the last 100 years, if "world opinion" did anything for them.

On the other hand, we learn that "world opinion" is quite exercised over Israel's unintentional killing of a few hundred Lebanese civilians behind whom hides Hezbollah – a terror group that intentionally sends missiles at Israeli cities and whose announced goals are the annihilation of Israel and the Islamicization of Lebanon.
Prager asks and answers the question why? He gives four reasons:
  1. Television News
  2. Lack of courage
  3. "world opinion" bends toward power
  4. "World opinion" has an animus toward those who fight evil
You will have to read Prager's column to find out the rest of the story.

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