Wednesday, August 02, 2006

GAY RIGHTS: Gays invite Canada's Public Works Minister Fortier to speak just to throw him out!

Not much one can say about the tolerance of the Christophobic and Straigtophobic homosexuals and their 39,200 supporters in Canada.

Brigitte Pellerin, of The Ottawa Citizen, writes what many feel about the noise from the deviants on the left. And she is gracious and thoughtful in her criticism ... otherwise she might land in jail for "hate speech."
It's one thing to be sympathetic to, or at least tolerant of, a way of life that differs markedly from your own. It's quite another to be called names because you don't actively celebrate lifestyles that couldn't be more at odds with yours.

I wish gay activists would understand the difference and leave the rest of us non-parade-goers alone.
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