Tuesday, August 01, 2006

GWOT: The inmates now have the keys and will shortly find you and lock you up!

I once saw a cartoon of a sinking cruise ship; the passengers and deckhands were in the stern bailing like crazy, the ship's officers were in their dress whites, on the top deck in deck chairs, supervising the polishing of the ship's chrome and brass rails. The ship sank ... no survivors.

The current condition of the Third Rock from the Sun reminds me of that fable.

Read the following articles and see if you don't agree ...
American Spectator - Ben Stein (my personal favorite)
American Thinker - J R Dunn
Conservative Voice - Jim Kouri
FrontPage Mag - Joseph Klein
Israel Insider
Michelle Malkin
Times Online (UK)
I could go on but what's the use ... you won't read them! And these are only a few of many from all over the world. I'll fight those SOBs in the streets, in the alleys, on the hills, and in the valleys; I'll fight them where ever they crawl and slither, I'll fight them.

HT: The Black Kettle

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