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PROPHETIC VOICE: After the wonderful voice of Cyndi Wheeler it is time to return to reality!

Get ready folks, this world is headed for another world war ... call it WW III or WW IV or GWOT or WOT or whatever, but we are now beyond the cusp of entry!

There is a point of no return, we've not reached it yet but will soon. In order to avoid passing it by, the Muslims of this world need to take steps to reign in their madmen, their mad-women, and especially their mad-youths. Hate does not build civilizations ... it won't build a Muslim one either.

Whether the world understands what is ahead or not, we have corporately overcome the inertia of peaceful co-existence and are well on our way to a clash of civilizations [HT Black Kettle] or ideologies; one belonging to the Middle Ages and the other to a more advanced time (some prefer to call it a "clash of eras" ... whatever)

The following are not intended to address my specific observations but rather illustrate the dilemma, its magnitude, and complexities ... UPI's Claude Salhani writes ...
Given Syria's unequivocal support for Hezbollah, resumed hostilities may well spread to Syria if Israel decides to up the ante next time. In that event, Iran would most likely be dragged into the conflict, given its mutual defense pact with Syria.

As things go, Mr. Assad is at a major crossroad. One road from Damascus will take him deeper into an alliance with Tehran, to continued support of terrorism and to adopting, if possible, a more militant policy.

The other road from Damascus can lead to closer cooperation with Washington and closer ties with the West, but only if the Bush administration opens up to Syria. [HT Black Kettle]
Victor David Hanson's thoughts reveal the whine that comes with Muslim cheese ...
The one thing ... that the United States cannot do to please Islamists is change its liberal character and traditions of Western tolerance. And isn't that the real story behind all these perceived [Islamic] grievances and phantom hurts: the intrusive dynamism of freewheeling Western, and particularly American, culture?

Both its low form of girly magazines and punk rock as well as its impressive literature, art, commerce and technology now saturate the world. And why not?

American radical individualism appeals to the innate human desire for freedom and unbridled expression. Westernization subverts most hierarchs, especially in the reactionary world of Islamic fundamentalism, where the mullah, family patriarch or state autocrat can't keep a lid on it. Instant communications have also brought to a socially insecure Middle East firsthand views of how much wealthier, freer and more tolerant the outside world is when democratic and transparent.

But instead of providing a blueprint for reform, these revelations only incite envy and anger from millions who are advised that parity with the West is found instead by retreating further into seventh-century religious purity.

So never mind the trillions in petrodollars, billions in aid and concessions. Unless we change our very character, or the Middle East achieves success and confidence through Western-style democracy and economic reform, expect more tired scapegoating and violence from radical discontents, from Lebanon to London -- and well beyond. [HT Black Kettle]
The Muslim world's suicidal rush to reverse history is only part of the issue according to The Conservative Cat ...
On Wednesday [16 August 2006], Laura Ingraham devoted a segment to an L. A. Times opinion piece called Why They Hate Us. It's been bothering me ever since.

Laura, of course, criticized the author's conclusions very heavily. She could do this because why-they-hate-us articles are a dime a dozen, and most of them are pretty similar.

Anyway, after two whole days of applying my superior brain to this problem (and that's a lot of brainpower considering I only sleep 20 hours a day), it suddenly occurred to me what had me so bothered about it.

See, the author listed a bunch of bad things America had done, and I first instinct was to refute them. That's because an important aspect of the problem was completely missing from the article in question.

The stupid thing does not have one solid fact about how people in other countries see us. In other words, it's not an article about why people hate America, it's an article about why journalists hate America.

This is a serious problem, folks.
People on both sides of the issue are getting fed up with world leaders; especially those that blatantly and patently interfere with legitimate efforts to keep the lid on ...
Somewhere in Detroit a dimwitted federal judge appointed by the late, lamentable and toothy Jimmy Carter, who made militant Islam what it is today by his feckless and toothless response to the capture of our hostages in Tehran back in 1979, ruled that the highly successful NSA program is unconstitutional.

And by doing so she ruled against years of precedent and all too obvious common sense, and is trying to put the kibosh on a program which was most recently used in stopping the 24 folks in custody in Britain. [...]

Someday, real soon I fear, these same empty wheezing defeatists and rotters may yet reap the fearful mushroom clouds from the seeds they so willingly sow today.

And who will they point to for redress, when the nation’s on fire and the phones only scream EMP in their ears? [CFP; HT Black Kettle]
World Magazine took a couple of days to think about the judge's decision and then cited this remarkable opinion by the WSJ (and they weren't alone) ...
What do you think of Judge Taylor's decision? The Wall Street Journal editorializes that her sniping against Bush policies ...
"is all the more noteworthy for coming on the heels of the surveillance-driven roll up of the terrorist plot in Britain to blow up U.S.-bound airliners. In this environment, monitoring the communications of our enemies is neither a luxury nor some sinister plot to chill domestic dissent. It is a matter of life and death."
[see also Decision '08, NYT]
But here is why I fear our world today; the little antichrist from Tehran is very scary and very much a figure of the End Times ...
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad insists that nuclear power is Iran's right and "no one will stop us" developing the country. [Yahoo]
And I believe him! After the Israeli debauchal in Lebanon, there will be no one to stop them! And to make matters worse we don't just have to contend with Islam's version of Napoleon's ego, we have to contend with the Oriental who has a bad hair day every day ...
There is new evidence that North Korea may be preparing for an underground test of a nuclear bomb, U.S. officials told ABC News.

"It is the view of the intelligence community that a test is a real possibility," said a senior State Department official. [ABC News]
In order to end up on the right side of this global conflict one needs to have some common sense (aka: wisdom); often we can get that from our children and our pets. I, for one, turn to my conservative feline ... she says -
  • War is the application of military force to effect a change in the dominion of a piece of land.
  • Diplomacy is the application of economic give and take to effect a change in the dominion of a piece of land.
  • Terrorism is the art of hurting people so badly that they give you a piece of land without all the messy economic and military stuff.
The above is just an eclectic hodge-podge of miscellanea related to the global climate at this moment in time. Were the environ-mental nutcases to spend as much time on global terrorism as on global warming we might be better prepared for what lies before us ... it won't be pretty and a lot of people are going to die if the Lord delays.

Do a small amount of reading at news sites, blue or red, and you'll see the apocalyptic nature of our present world ... if not, check your pulse, you must be muy muerto.

Starting now, I plan on warning my family, my church, my friends, and my neighbors.

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