Saturday, August 19, 2006

WELFARE: History tells us that welfare does not build brand loyalty when one's life is demanded.

Transitory is the word that comes to mind. Yes, transitory!

Referring to what? Remember Hussein's "Mother of All Wars" threat during Desert Storm? Remember how his feared Republican Guard was going to wipe the coalition forces off the face of the map. According to reliable on-the-field reports the whole Republican Guard stayed in hiding or tucked its tail and ran. Why?

Because a cause lacking a foundational core is doomed to take flight rather than stay and fight; soldiers and civilians need something worth fighting for, and something worth fighting for must be worth dying for! The Lebanese public has historically not been know for either.
Very much intact, despite being pummelled for five weeks, Hezbollah yesterday moved to entrench its popularity in Lebanon by handing out bundles of cash to people whose homes had been wrecked by Israeli bombing during the war that ended on Monday.
These cash give-aways will only seal the public's loyalty for a season, until the cash runs out. Iran does not have deep pockets!
Hezbollah's move came as an embarrassment to the Lebanese government, which has yet to mount similar reconstruction efforts ...
Lebanon will soon wake up from its reverie and realize what their evil cousin brought home to their doorstep. They will not be long in seeing Iran's orchestration as a threat to Lebanon's sovereignty.

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