Tuesday, October 10, 2006

ALCOHOLISM: A Favorite Topic of Mine - Since I R' One!

They're still at it ... the Prevention of Imperfection Society of Seattle (acronym not printable on this site) is determined to stamp out any and all dysfunctional behavior regardless of the source of the problem.
A sociological experiment in Seattle [continues to provide] room and board to 75 chronic inebriants in an $11 million facility with 19 full-time paid staff workers. Residents face no requirements to deal with their alcoholism and are allowed to drink as much as they like on site. Supporters believe the project will save taxpayer dollars by reducing emergency room costs.

But the latest WORLD reports that seven residents have died and emergency workers have frequented the wet house four to five times per week since it opened in December.

The idea flows from a trendy new philosophy in social work called harm reduction, where government works to reduce the consequences of bad behavior instead of addressing the behavior itself. "It's controversial, yes, but it keeps people alive," said Alan Marlatt, author of the book Harm Reduction. "At least we're doing something."
Oh, right! And have you improved the quality of their lives? This is great ... instead of puking n' pooping in the woods, they can do it in a freshly cleaned room every day!

I posted on this insult to common sense in The Crib a while back ... the following summarizes that post ...
The whole of the program is "to save the taxpayer $27,000 per inebriant."

Me thinks it would be more humane to stick them with a needle while they are passed out; they euthanize unwanted animals better at the local pound!

What this really is, is an elitist/leftist social engineer's effort to profile the alcohol-challenged and then segregate them. Yes, that's right! I call it "killing them softly with their love."

[Alcoholics get] a brand-new, government-financed apartment where [they] can drink as much as [they want]. It is part of a first-in-the-nation experiment to ease the torment of drug and alcohol addiction while saving taxpayers' money.
If I understand this, the objective of the new program is to save money for the King County taxpayer ... NOT redeem alcoholics. Ain't that a pip?

I am willing to wager that at the end of the day the new costs exceed the old costs by three-to-one.

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