Monday, October 09, 2006

ARCHAEOLOGY: Mexico - My Adopted Homeland

Archaeologically Mexico is pregnant with undiscovered wonders; the above is just one of recent discovers that are fascinating and wonderful.
Archaeologists working in the heart of Mexico City have discovered an altar and a monolith that date back more than 500 years to Aztec times.

The finds may be one of the most significant Aztec discoveries in years.
The discovery is considered significant because of the apparent "early date" of the find and its relationship with "the Great Temple."
The Aztec were a deeply religious people who built monumental works. Templo Mayor, or the Great Temple, was the biggest pyramid of the Aztec capital, Tenochtitlan. [...]
The temple was first excavated in 1978 after electricity [sic] workers found a giant carving of an Aztec goddess at the site. Remains of the lower portions of the temple complex, buried underneath the city, have since been unearthed. [...]
"With such finds archaeologists can begin to more firmly trace the changes in state-sponsored religious practices at the Great Temple."

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