Thursday, October 05, 2006

PERVERTS: A Spade Is Indeed A Spade; These People Are Sick Spades

Coming to your American neighborhood sooner than you think. The EU is awash with smut and smut practitioners; perhaps moreso than the US!

Norwegian No Prodigal; But Likes the Pigs [Aftenposten]
"Former cop busted in pig pen"

A shocked pig farmer could not believe his eyes as he watched a man drop his trousers and assault several members of his herd. The farmer managed to grab a camera and get evidence of the public bestiality, and the animal lover has been convicted, newspaper VG reports.
And these aren't just men who are sick.

Animal Bordellos Draw Norwegians [Aftenposten]
That's right - Animal bordellos!! Where you pay to have sex with a farmers stock.

Denmark's animal bordellos reportedly draw Norwegian clients, but both countries have loopholes that make such establishments legal.
Call me stupid or naive but the idea of human animal intercourse is so foreign to the Designer's plan I'm somewhat speachless!
A new dissertation from the Institute of Criminology at the University of Oslo showed that Norwegian veterinarians know of at least 124 cases of animal sex abuse in Norway. The thesis reports that 22 percent of Norwegian veterinarians suspect or are sure that they have treated animals that have been sexually abused by humans.
And some of you numbskulls think I'm nuts when I write about the endtimes?

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