Wednesday, October 04, 2006

PUBLIC NOTICE: The CRIB Disavows Any Association with Fred Phelps & his cult!


May it now be made known
to any and all that Fred Phelps and his following have now and never have had any true association with Biblical Christianity; The SHEEP'S CRIB desires the public record to show we disavow any and all real, imagined, and/or potential spiritual and/or natural convergence or congruence with the Phelpsians.

They are of Satan, the Father of Lies, and not of God; truly in our day, they are dead in their sins and arrogance, in virtuality denying Jesus the Christ, bringing reproach upon His name and His works!
UPDATE: You should know by now that Mike Gallagher has fiven an hour of his radio time to the Phelps whackos to spread their vile vomit ... tell your friends and anyone you can tell to just turn Gallagher's program off when the Phelpsians take to the air.

This from Gallagher's website ...

The Westboro Baptist Church planned to protest the funerals of the Amish school children. Shirley Phelps-Roper and Mike have agreed that the church will not protest at the funerals in exchange for an hour of airtime--Oct. 5th at 10am est--on the Mike Gallagher Show.
Check your local listings for more info. PASS THIS ON!

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