Sunday, July 22, 2007

ANGLICAN ANGST: Show Me the Money!

It has been a while since I've written on the sad state of The Episcopal Church (TEC; formerly ECUSA) in the states; things where going downhill so fast it became depressing.

Inspired by their achievements during the past four to five decades, liberal-leftist Episcopalian leaders pushed their heretical agenda to the point of almost bringing the entire worldwide Anglican Communion down.

However, with the righteous prelates of the Global South making inroads in the wicked North, more and more conservative voices are being heard in the TEC's street. One of the more interesting (in terms of where it will lead) is the combined voice of four retired Episcopal bishops, asking to know where the money is coming from to support the major litigation by church leaders against the conservatives in the US.

David Virtue of VirtueOnline reports on this ...
For months now VirtueOnline has been asking the question, where is the money coming from to fund the massive lawsuits by the Episcopal Church and liberal dioceses' against orthodox parishes, priests and laity?

Now four retired bishops have asked the Executive Council of the Episcopal Church that very same question. In an open letter to the Executive Council of the Episcopal Church, the Rt. Rev. Maurice M. Benitez, Bishop of Texas, Retired; the Rt. Rev. C.F. Allison, Bishop of South Carolina, Retired; the Rt. Rev. Alex D. Dickson, Bishop of West Tennessee, Retired; and the Rt. Rev. William C. Wantland, Bishop of Eau Claire, Retired, wrote the national church asking where the money is coming from to conduct this litigation.
[UPDATE: The Washington Times has enter the storyline with their report here; HT: VirtueOnline]

What is interesting to me is that TEC income has been in serious decline in recent years and programs have been cut or reduced as a result.

Any member of a any denomination where program cuts have been made as a result of giving reductions would rightfully be concerned. Even more so, if denominational funds were being clearly expended but unreported. In their letter the four bishops write ...
"We ask you, our Executive Council, to make a public report of how much money the Episcopal Church has spent in recent years on court costs and attorney fees in these extensive litigations. In what budget is it accounted for? Has any income from trust funds been used to support these litigations? How much and from which funds?

"How much compensation has the law firm of the Episcopal Church's chancellor, David Beers, received, for servicing this litigation? An open and transparent disclosure is crucially important to avoid speculation, rumors and consequent distrust of the Episcopal Church."
Go over to VirtueOnline to read the details ... but be ready to see this blow up in the near future. The money is coming from somewhere and Episcopalians in the USA have a right to be told the source!

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