Sunday, July 22, 2007

TRENDS: Five Trends the Church Should Note!

The Christian Post brings us an article on Leonard Sweet's "top five trends ministers and religious leaders need to know for the next 10 years" ...
First, size does matter
It never has mattered to most churches!
Second ... the "well curve" replaces the "bell curve"
Whatever that means!
Third, EPIC rules
I can see it now, "30 Days to An EPIC Life" followed quickly by "30 Days to An EPIC Church"! Both NYT Bestsellers!
Fourth, everything in this culture ... is becoming decentralized and some, hyper-centralized
The computer is the cause of the current pattern; can't begin to guess the cause of the latter.
And fifth, Sweet points to "Crusade Nine," which he calls the growing conflict with Islam
Finally, one that I can agree with ... with one caveat - it won't be Christians, it'll be Western Civilization (if it wants to survive).

Besides, our battle is not against flesh and blood [Ephesians 6:12]; remember?

Rev Fife
to or three

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