Tuesday, July 24, 2007

BE AFRAID: Be Very Afraid!

BIG SISTER IS WATCHING YOU ... you little Proletariat refuse ... you sniveling, miniscule insignificants ... who needs moms and dads as long as we need workers!

Chillary believes it takes more than "A Village"; It Takes A Government to raise your brats. Cradle to grave indoctrination ... nothing less!

Chapman at WorldMag Blog posts this ...
Last week Sen. Hillary Clinton introduced a proposal into the Senate that would give states $28 billion over five years to incorporate the nation's 120,000 preschools--currently run by firms, churches, and storefronts--into a government-run system.

Unsurprisingly, such an idea is causing heated debate, with many asking the question, "How much control should the government have in raising and teaching our young children?" How would you answer that question?
Go read the linked article here and come back and leave an answer.


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