Thursday, July 26, 2007

EVOLUTION: You can't have it both ways!

Olansky, at World Magazine, says as much. If you use Behe as your creationist darling one day, you can't reject him the next day when he says something you don't like!
Behe's insistence that key mutations in the history of life must have been nonrandom, and that the universe is clearly designed for life, will infuriate Darwinian materialists.

But he will also displease creationists, for he argues that "the evidence for common descent seems compelling." Modern DNA sequencing, he contends, shows that many creatures have common ancestors, and that God did not create man from dust.
But fear not brethren, science is populated with the same people who have told us coffee would kill us one day and not the next.
Behe's emphasis on "irreducible complexity" explained why chance mutations could not be the driving engine of macroevolutionary change. He showed how the complexity of organs and organisms means that not one mutation but dozens would have to kick in all at once, an event as improbable as would be the production by complete chance of a spring-driven mousetrap.
Please don't think Behe must agree with
our apologists on every point in order to be a grand asset to their arguments.
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