Thursday, July 26, 2007

HERESY: Reimage this ... "I never knew you!"

Yep! They market a Goddess Rosary at Ebenezer Lutheran Church in Sin Francisco ...
In an attempt to use Biblical, century-old images and developing connections with the Holy Other, the Goddess rosary is grounded in traditions of the Christian Church and the proclamation of the gospel which is a vision of release from bondage for a new creation. Midweek is a good time for you to re-center your hectic paced week and allow the sacred to surround and embrace you!
Love that naked little goddess there, have to get me one of those for my key chain. Their "About" page tells us about ELC ...
It is God/dess who created this world and all its blessings. It is the Ever Living One who has forgiven us, restored us, and blessed us with new life through the saving act of Jesus' death and resurrection. And it is God/dess who enables us to turn from lives of self-absorption to live in partnership with God/dess for the sake of the neighbor. At least every Sunday we need to be reminded of the focus and purpose of life, and we are grateful that the Spirit of the Living One blesses us through our sharing of the Word of Grace and the Holy Communion Meal. We are sent into the world to be bearers of that divine word that can raise the dead to new life.
It's not politically correct to mock the spiritually challenged, so I'll just move on.

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Spirit Water Blood
St. Elizabeth of Cayce

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