Friday, July 27, 2007


No source links on this post, just this morning's news.

The SOUR report tells me Western Civilization is doomed and the Muhammadans are right!
The Japanese love technology so much that now even sex toys are on the cutting edge, according to a report ...

The “gPod”, a phallic-shaped vibrator, is designed to respond automatically to sounds picked up by an accompanying handset, which can plug into anything from a telephone to a music player to a television.

... .
“You can use it in many ways, for example hooking it up to your mobile phone,” said Ichiro Kameda, the machine's inventor. “The dildo vibrates through the same waves as a voice. So one of the ideas is that you can use it here in Tokyo when your boyfriend in New York is talking to you on the phone.”
So if you're discussing business with your secretary and her eyes role and she seems to be drifting off ... you should fire her!

Then again, sometimes we see SWEET news that gives us hope ...
A Painesville, Ohio, judge known for dishing out quirky sentences is making no bones about what he sees as a fowl crime.

Municipal Judge Michael Cicconetti has ordered three men accused of soliciting prostitutes to wear chicken suits in lieu of a 30-day prison sentence, the Houston Chronicle reported.

... .

The alleged johns will also have to carry a sign saying, “No Chicken Ranch in Painesville,” a jab at the “World Famous Chicken Ranch” whorehouse in Nevada, the Houston Chronicle reported.

"We're trying to send a strong message that we won't tolerate this activity in the city," said Painesville probation supervisor David Washlock told the Chronicle.
The irony of the name of the town is priceless! Go girl, go!

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