Thursday, August 02, 2007

REALITY: I don't think the world will ever be real again!

This is NOT a test! Tell me what do you see in the ad below? [UPDATE: Someone hacked the site that held the graphic below and replaced the ad with an ugly-green smiley face ... let me know in comments if it happens again.]

If you saw six Blacks bowing down to a White massa', your shorts are knotted and you need to get real; you've lost touch like most of your neighbors.

If you're a black and saw that, I don't think there's any hope for your conflicted, hate-filled, self-obsessed soul!

If you're a White Homey and agree with the Black's; I'd suggest you send your degrees back because you're overeducated and didn't learn anything worth retaining, they're meaningless ... you over-educated, sophomoric slob ... you are so blind from your pompous self-righteousness you're wholly useless to your fellow man!

If you saw a confusing ad from a high-tech giant that makes no sense to you because you're tech-challenged ... besides what the h__l do six swimmers or runners have to do with Intel anyway ... for you, I assume the last thing on your mind was writing a letter because your sensibilities were offended.

Intel pulled the ad, giving in to political correctness ... gawrrrrggggghhhhhhh!!!!!!! [Even though it's a lousy ad the pressure was assinine!]

Stockholders have executives and Boards of Directors to make their decisions - right or wrong! How can the investors hope for fiducial responsibility from a rabble that drinks from the cesspool of popular opinion.

Here's why Intel caved!
According to Snopes' Urban Legends page:
The intent of the ad was to emphasize the ability of Intel's Core 2 Duo Processors to "boost productivity and efficiency by running multiple computing-intensive applications at once" through the visual imagery of presenting a team of (identical) sprinters down in set positions, ready to take off and blaze their way through the office environment while a pleased IT Manager stands amidst them bearing a look of confidence and satisfaction.

Unfortunately, more than a few viewers saw something quite different in that imagery: a group of dark-skinned men bowing down in subservience to a smug, light-skinned overseer. The ad created enough of a controversy that Intel pulled it from the publications in which it was scheduled to appear, and Intel's vice president of Sales and Marketing issued a public apology on behalf of the company ...
We're all living a surreal lala land! God please help us?

Now if you'd like to know how I really feel, stay tuned!

Road Before Us

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